Endangered History

So you don’t want to see your history erased.

If history is truly your concern, the major battlefields and historic sites from the Civil War are meticulously maintained by the heroes of our National Park Service. At these national monuments and parks you can see actual history, not romanticized sugar-coated statues placed with questionable motives.

You can see the rolling hill that provided cover at Antietam. You can step out onto the top of Little Round Top at Gettysburg and see the whole battlefield in context. You can climb the same steep grade that forces hauled canons up at Kennesaw Mountain – three thousand feet up in just one mile! You can understand the importance of border states by walking the canon lines at Pea Ridge where a Park Ranger can tell you how the tide turned once Missouri was saved for the Union. Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, Wilson’s Creek, Shiloh, Andersonville, Arlington and many more. These places are truly our hallowed ground – the places where we can confront the real truths and come to understand the reasons why that terrible war had to be fought. These are the places that America wrestled with it’s very soul. These places ARE history.

It’s all there and it’s all in context. It’s preserved. These statues that Mr. Trump wants you to worry about give you nothing like that, and they are a poor substitute for actual history. In my travels I have seen hundreds of these “monuments”. None of them had the power of that view from Little Round Top that overlooks the field of battle that saw over 51,000 casualties in the course of three days . None of them compare to the power of that last image of the single stone at Arlington House. Those statues ring as hollow as the bronze shells that they are. Robert E. Lee never visited Charlottesville. I get no sense of history standing in his artificial shadow there.

What you might not realize is that Donald Trump has signed executive orders for the removal of protected status of some national monuments in the Parks system in an effort to open them up to mining, fracking, and general business development. If he cared at all about history and beauty he would never have considered plundering our national treasures.

If you love history, you really should be worried. While Donald Trump has you focused on statues he’s prepared to sell off your actual history to the highest bidder.

I apologize if this shift in focus on my little photo blog catches you by surprise. These are strange days my friends. Strange days.