When my brother Max and I were small our folks were asked to be God Parents to my Pop’s best friend’s first born son. We traveled to Winslow Arizona for the ceremony – it was the first time either of us were ever in church. It was a Catholic Church and a lady told us that we could not go forward with the other kids, but that we could sing. So we sang! Max sang the only song he knew – “Old MacDonald had a farm….” – loud and proud he sang. It’s no surprise that he has become a farmer. He raises chickens in Las Vegas Nevada and is planting an orchard in the desert too. His blog is thoughtful and informative and features his wife Karen’s (my traveling cohort) photography. Check it out – after all, it’s his fault I even have a blog…

The Fruity Chicken

My best friend’s son Cody had his first successful hatch today and I think he’s hooked. My recurring chore of hauling mulch went off without a hitch with the one exception that John wasn’t there to discuss whats going on with my pluots or to see my super duper silenced air gun. This weeks load of mulch went into the chicken coop, I had filled the bottom of the henhouse to a depth of 10″ about 3 months ago. In that time the depth had shrunk to about 4″ due to the girls scratching it out under the sides and natural composting action. The mulch had also reduced in particle size from large shreds down to pieces 1/2″ and smaller.

My Sweety Karen came out to practice her Photography skills at The Fruity Chicken Orchard/Chicken Ranch today while I puttered around. She did a much better job with her…

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  1. LOL! When our mom had her Sunday School teacher come over for a meal to her house with 10 kids, he asked her to “say grace” (pray). She said “Round my teeth, round my tongue, watch out belly, here it comes.” lol Kids are AWESOME!!! Miss D. X

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