Chip Munk-ee Business


They are startlingly cute, fast as lightning, and cunning little thieves. While I was in Michigan last week practicing shooting birds (with a camera), I saw dozens of chipmunks racing around below the feeders – the one above fearlessly raced across the top of my foot to get to the bounty of sunflower seeds and suet.

Cheeks so full he is weighted down by them and must rest his weary bones on the metal rail before cramming another 50 seeds and moving on.

Gazing across the meadow – are their other feeders out there to conquer?

Master of all he surveys.

Fitting that last seed into inflated little cheeks – seriously, why not just eat the seeds to make more room in the cheeks?

A profile pose – balance on the fence rail must require extreme concentration!

He stops for a rest – and takes a moment to play his tiny harmonica.

He has had enough and suggests that our photo shoot come to a close.

Alas, so my blog must also end…


14 thoughts on “Chip Munk-ee Business

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