Oh Deer!

Pssst! Hey you – you in the red Jeep…..can I get a lift?

I need to get over to Holiday Island – got a tee time in 30 minutes!

C’mon, by the time I get over there on foot I’ll be beat – be a pal.

The golf course it the best – lots of free parking!

Air Conditioned comfort in the clubhouse!

Lots of cart rentals available!

See how close to the pin you can get on the 9th hole!

After your round you can dance in the clubhouse til dawn!

Waddaya waitin’ for – let’s go!

9 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

    • Thanks! I love to catch them like this – the doe in the woods was 10 feet from the car. I have spots I check everyday where they graze, this was just on the road down from my house.

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