Two little birdies, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

My grandparents had a set of salt shakers like this on their TV in the living room. They would rearrange the figures and joke that Grandpa must have really messed up, because Grandma was not even willing to look at him. In truth, the salt shakers were about as angry as I ever saw them get with each other. I would scoot the figures closer and closer until they were kissing once again.

Yesterday I was sitting in my mud room shooting birds at the feeders when I saw romance in the air. Buntings flying back and forth in pairs. Brilliant blue males escorting their chocolate brown mates through the air on an invisible dance floor. Occasionally another male would try to cut in, only to be rebuffed in a mid-air tumble, with the lucky fellow returning to his mate without missing a step.

As the evening light started to slip away the dance suddenly stopped and I spied a pair getting close on a branch just off the porch.

“He’s kinda cute.”

“Quick, look away! Can’t get caught looking at him.”

“Maybe I should play hard-to-get.”

“Ooo, she’s cute. Think I’ll scoot a little closer.”

“She won’t notice if I get just a little bit closer.”

“Hello Beautiful, wanna dance?”

26 thoughts on “Two little birdies, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

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  2. Diana sent me you know her she can be found here:
    Now that I have told you who sent me I am going to tell you that I loved the pictures of the birds but more then that I love those salt shakers they are just so cute I would love to have something like this even if my husband would complain about them being dust collectors…………lol

    • Diana is awesome! Thanks for stopping by. My Grandpa’s sister used to visit us in the summer and she had a little figurine of a praying nun that she would put in front of them when they weren’t facing each other – she said she was saying her prayers for them 🙂 My grandparents solved the dust issue by giving me a soda for dusting all of the knick-knacks.

    • Thanks so much for the follow and the visit! Love the Canon challenge (even if I am an Oly shooter:) I was just in Rocky Mountain National Park in May – the trip is really what started my blog. You will get lots of amazing shot opportunities there. Estes Park is loaded with Elk at certain times. I’m following you as well!

      • Thanks so much for the follow! I can’t wait to see what I learn. We live about 45 minutes from RMNP, so it will be easy to get there, but getting photos that really show the splendor is what could be a little more challenging. Really looking forward to following your work!

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  4. That is such a sweet story about your grandparents and the salt shakers. Beautiful that you could see the similarities with these little birds too. Thanks for sharing!

      • Diana – thanks so much for the Friday Pick. I’m kinda new to the ins and outs of WordPress – it was a nice surprise. I enjoy your comments and encouragement. This idea of tying my sentiments to my photography is not something I was sure people would “get” – thanks again.


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