Rat-a-tat-tat – Woody’s Back


Woodpeckers are shy. This is a red-bellied woodpecker who hangs out in my yard. My suet feeders were up for over 3 months before he dared get close. Here he sits on top of my pergola, deciding whether or not to go for the feeder


He stayed up there for about 30 minutes checking to see if it was safe. He did this several times before he decided it was safe to try out the suet.


Eventually his appetite overcame his fear and he made the leap. It was clear right away that he was too much bird for a feeder like this.


I’ve built him a feeder out of an old dead cedar tree – I have seen him using it, but haven’t managed to catch him with my camera – yet. I drilled 1 1/4″ holes into the log and filled the holes with suet. The little guy loves it, its like his own personal suet tree.


By far his favorite place is my black walnut tree just off my patio. He paces along the limbs, scouting the feeders and tapping on the old tree.


He has a distinctive call, it’s really more of a cry. It sounds mournful, sad – in contrast to his chipper face.


I can hear him in the woods near the house. He flies in long sweeping arcs from tree to tree.


I hear his tap and I know he’s back.

16 thoughts on “Rat-a-tat-tat – Woody’s Back

  1. What a wonderful little bird.

    What pretty black & white feathers and red cap – your photos are beautiful. I like this WordPress template for photos – amkes them appear much larger (than some others).

    Having the same template, I find the writing hard to read also.

    • Thanks Vicki – I just love this bird. His expressions are so sweet, I’m determined to win him over:) I didn’t notice that we had the same theme – I know it’s a balance between keeping the text readable and maximizing the photos. My old theme was confusing to me – no side menus, but the photos were not very wide. I also started uploading original size images.

    • Thanks – I find this guy pretty charming. I have a pileated one that shows up occasionally (the ones with the large red crest like Woody Woodpecker). There are several types in this part of the country. I had no idea there would not be any in your neck of the woods – it’s amazing how many differences there are.

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