Autumn in the Ozarks – Red

You can tell when the peak is coming – the reds start to show themselves.




Maples, sassafras, dogwoods – all putting on the ritz and setting the stage for the finale.




Greens are still common, but the coming of the first reds signal the big finish.




Today was an Indian Summer day – warm and sunny. A wonderful time to walk through the woods.



Are you seeing red in your neck of the woods yet?

36 thoughts on “Autumn in the Ozarks – Red

          • I have bats – never heard of a bat house. I had one in my house one time – it woke me up flying too close to my ceiling fan – not a warm and fuzzy memory

          • When I moved out here to the woods it never occurred to me that something could fly or crawl into the house. I left the door open while I unloaded the car right after sunset and it must have come in while I was making trips back and forth. I tried everything to get him out – he was a cute little brown thing. I see them in my headlights on the drive in sometimes.

          • We had lots of bats at our house in Newcastle, OK….but never saw them close. THEN in BV….they were in our basement. First time my son discovered it….we LOL at him screaming like a girl….though he still denies that!

            So does the bat just have a name now and live in your house? 🙂

          • No, sadly my terrier did not allow it to survive its incursion into his space. It was flying around the ceiling fan and it squeaked when it hit a blade – that woke up the 14 year old arthritic Jack Russell Terrier. He lept up vertically and grabbed the poor thing out of mid air. I didn’t think he was still able to jump on the couch – who knew. I had been trying to shoo him out of a window for a couple of hours and the dog never even noticed.

            Basement – oooo – I never looked in the cellar. I freaked out that first time too – now I just know I live in their backyard:)

          • Guess that goes to show that no matter our age….we always have a little more “ump” if we need it. We had that happen with a rat….it was not pretty. 😦 Be careful in that cellar! 🙂

          • I hate the cellar – it’s not a basement, it’s wet, it’s dank. Even the terriers won’t go down there. My terriers take on lots of critters. One has killed 10 snakes this year – that’s OK with me.

          • So true. Kirby takes laps around the yard with whatever he has dispatched. He’s so very proud when he takes care of a snake for me. He’ll spend a couple hours bragging about it.

  1. You’ve captured some amazing colours in your leat photos. You certainly get far more reddish colours than we do here, but then most of our native trees don’t change colour at all. It’s the imported Engllish and European trees that give the most colour in our Autumn (in general).

  2. I have a large burning bush (aka Euonymus) outside my study window and overnight it turned from green to dark red – my absolute favorite color of the season. These pictures are gorgeous – the 2nd one from the bottom is great, showing a little yellow, green and orange – they’re not giving into the red just yet!

    • Thanks so much – I love how the maples can have every color at once going on. I had a burning bush when I lived in Ohio – lovely in the fall. I spent today driving and shooting on my own road – the color is spectacular – I think I have another 2 weeks.

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