A Solemn Spot in the Woods

This weekend I took a long hike deep into the woods. A couple of miles in I encountered this:


This place was special to someone, a place of peace and meditation. A long line of prayer flags, decades old, hangs suspended from the trees.


The first time I saw them they reminded me of my Grandma’s clothes line.


I don’t follow the faith of the person who placed these flags, but as I stand on the side of a mountain looking through them I think I experience the same sense of awe.


This is a place that makes me thing of something bigger than myself….


I feel grateful standing on this place for all the wonders around me.


I am warmed by the sun and cooled by the breeze. The sunlight animates everything I see.


I stand in this spot and offer praise to my God.

32 thoughts on “A Solemn Spot in the Woods

  1. Lovely images Lorri,
    Prayer flags are usually very bright colours (even when old), so I somehow imagine that this line of prayer flags must have been exposed to the weather for a very long time.
    What an unexpected sight to behold on a woodland walk in the US.

    • My son brought some prayer flags back from Nepal about two years ago and they are just as faded so I think that the dyes used probably fade quite quickly. I have them on my balcony. They are quite relaxing as they float in the breeze.

      • The woman who places these has been doing so since the 70s. She leaves them to hang until they just disintegrate. She told me that these had been up a lot longer than most and wondered if their fabric content was a bit different. They are larger than her others – about a foot across.

  2. I got a chill looking at your beautiful photos, you nailed it. Believing in something greater than yourself is what it is all about, love this post, gets me where I live.

    • I have seen them on a couple of spots nearby, there’s a spring with smaller ones and some grass weaving on them – someone really put some work into them. There are also some in the woods next to my house, they are a memorial.

    • Thanks – I was so taken with the sunshine in the woods and the flags were the one thing that I could really convey the light with. They looked almost etherial – well actually they were. I love Eureka and the neighboring community – a very special place.

  3. I’ll never forget the first time I saw prayer flags in someone’s solitary, sacred space. It was moving and yet made me still. I came upon them on a walking trail in Colorado, my breath stopped and in the next moment it deepened. You captured their beauty perfectly here. What a nice memory.

    • I feel the same way when I see these. I know the woman who placed them. The mark the place where she lived in the woods when her child was born in the 70s. I think of waking everyday to that view and that peace – it almost makes me want to rough it. Almost:)

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