Falling Fast – the End of the Show

Last Saturday I revisited some of my favorite spots I shot this fall, it was a glorious sunny day and I was taking a friend on the tour so she could capture the fleeting color. Sadly the decline was in full swing. Today, a week later these spots are almost bare. As in the beginning of the transition, I spend my time seeking color, rather than being surrounded by it.


Sweet Spring
Peak color.
Last gasp.


Down Magnetic Hollow
Explosion of color.
Fading glory.


Up Magnetic Hollow
Layers in the light.
Light passing through.


Don’t get me wrong, the woods are still gorgeous, but the color is literally blowing away. Down in the hollows there are still rich pockets of color.
Fuller Street.
Maple splendor.
Determined Dogwood.


The transfer is happening from sky to earth.
The carpeting on these Ozark hills is no longer green.

Rich layers of carmels, tans, and browns cover it all. The thick layers also add a sweet sound to the movement in the woods.


The lesson of fall is to seize the day, enjoy the color, live in this moment. It’ll be gone before you know it.

48 thoughts on “Falling Fast – the End of the Show

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  2. Artsi,

    Can I use one of these photos in a blog piece? (The second one in this piece) I’m guest posting at Le Clown’s serious blog, Black Box Warnings (http://blackboxwarnings.wordpress.com/). That picture is perfect for what I’m describing. I will, of course, give you and your blog credit. If you would like me to use your name instead of your blog name, or if you have a way you want me to credit it, I’ll be glad to do so.


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