Have you been Freshly Pressed and been left feeling a little down. Check out Honie’s post on Freshly Depressed.

Freshly DePressed

Hi, my name is HonieBriggs. I was Freshly Pressed for Confessions of a Constant Commenter. It’s been one week since I was famous.

Even though I am healthy enough to engage new followers, it’s only fair that I admit to experiencing a little performance anxiety when over one hundred new followers appeared after my post was featured on Freshly Pressed. It may be normal to ask if I’m blogger enough to keep them satisfied, but I’m at an age when I know what I’m made of and it didn’t occur to me that stiff competition might make it harder to focus on the task at hand. Readers do have thousands of other blogs from which to choose. So, lying down on the job is not an option.

I began to notice getting up in the morning was more difficult than usual. I tried to convince myself it was all in…

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      • Thankfully I managed to lower my expectations. Before my blog actually got posted on FP, I checked out the number of likes on other blogs before and after FP and learned the sad truth. As you say, it was a great experience with many benefits. Still …

          • Oh wow – that is starting off with a bang! I hindsight you should have taken up some other pursuit since you already nailed this one.

          • LOL – I started this blog to get my brother off my back – I opened a WP account to follow his blog and he pushed me to start posting. It makes me wonder how people come to have tens of thousands of followers.

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