Sunday Brunch


Good morning, my little Chickadees, the Bird Buffet at the Stone House will be open daily throughout the winter, but make sure to stop by for our award winning Sunday Brunch!


Dead tree trunks packed with suet for all our nuthatch…


and woodpecker friends…


On sunny days be sure to swing by and check out our all new winter menu…


Wintering goldfinches, we are stocked up with fresh top quality Niger seed…


Titmice, come prepared to feast on the finest black oil sunflower seeds…


And dine at our special platter feeder designed to help you forget about those fickle buntings who left you to spend the winter in Mexico…


No need to worry about squirrels at this buffet, Velcro is standing by to dispatch any rodents. Nothing will spoil your dining experience at the buffet…


As always, we welcome cardinals, even if they are thankless snobs who lurk until we close for the night.

41 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

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  2. Gorgeous photography of gorgeous little birds. I especially enjoy the one of the wee seed-snacker sitting beside two ceramic ones wishing they could have a taste! 😀 Up here in the cold north I happily feed birds but we have a much smaller selection. But I’m happy with every chickadee, nuthatch and sparrow that comes to visit. Great post!

  3. You and I are the same person, Lorri. We have the same birds at our feeders, didn’t know our names, and now the dog. You have a dog named “Velcro”? We have a brown and white dog we call “Velcro-Dog” this time of year because every leaf he walks near adheres to his fur and then ends up inside the house.

    Sunday brunch at your house looks like THE place to be!

    • OMG – Elyse! The called me Elsie in high school – freaky!

      Velcro got her name because she sticks to me. I did a post on her a while back – she’s a 14-year-old rat terrier rescue. I thought I was being original but apparently we are twins separated at birth.

  4. I can’t even get those cardinal snobs to enter my backyard! I put out treats and they still don’t come. I have 2 woodpeckers now though, a male and female. And blue jays and chickadees and others, but no snobs! sniff sniff, 😉

    • You know the jays keep their distance. What do yours eat?

      I have 3 kinds of woodpeckers, the downeys were the only ones to show for brunch last weekend. I see cards every morning when I let my pups our and at dusk. They seem to want to avoid the paparazzi.

      • My jays eat sunflower seeds usually. I have the big woodpeckers. Are they the downy ones? last few years I had the male, this year I have a male and female now. Maybe come spring I”ll have little ones. I see cards in the park across the street but they won’t come into the yard.

        • The speckled one right after the nuthatch is the downy. I have red bellied that are a bit bigger than a jay and pileated – they are huge and look like woody woodpecker.

          I’ve heard that the cards will get closer as it gets colder.

  5. Wonderful series of bird shots. I especially like that photo where the sun is reflecting in the Goldfinche’s eye.

    Love that Cardinal’s colour – but I suppose it would make it show up well in the foliage for any predators.

    • Thanks Vicki, The female cardinal is the color of tree bark so she is pretty well camoflaged. The males are pretty stunning this time of year. I wish I could have gotten him in better light. This goldfinches have no fear of me – they stare me down.

  6. OMG they’re Gorgeous, Lorri! 🙂 I’ve never seen a titmice or a nuthatch or a goldfinch or a chickadee before. 🙂 You have such gorgeous birds! The cardinal looks like it’s glowing. I wish they could fly out of your photos and into our garden here! I love your photos so much. So many precious little animal friends in them. I think it’s about time I went and looked at those raccoon photos again and the luna moths. 🙂 My happy places.
    Love from Rach.

    • Thanks so much Rach! The Raccoons are always there for you:)

      That cardinal was in the sunshine – he was staying away from the feeders because I was on the porch – they are such beautiful birds.

  7. What a wonderful spread you put out for your guests! It’s nice of them to pose for you, although that’s the least they can do after you went to so much trouble. Gorgeous shots. 🙂

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