You Have No Idea Who You’re Messing With

If I were to ask you what kind of bird is the toughest, the most intimidating – what would you say?

Eagle? Falcon? Hawk?

Sorry, here at the Stone House, those wimps don’t even come close.

Not the best photos, but I think it’s clear that the badass of the buffet is…

The Goldfinch!

This feeder is MINE!

Back OFF!

Outta here!

And don’t even think of coming back!

32 thoughts on “You Have No Idea Who You’re Messing With

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  3. Sometimes we actually under estimate the power of the little guy with small man syndrome… great set of photos… whilst away I saw a fork tailed drongo chasing a yellow billed kite off a particular patch of grass where the smaller bird was feeding on the insects… the Kite obviously flew in to see what was available and got chased off by the little guy….

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  5. Wonderful – I don’t think of them as tough at all — but we don’t have a tray feeder so I think that they don’t need to fight for stuff.

    I would have guessed the bluejay. Nasty birds in spite of how pretty.

    • You know it started with the tray feeder – now they are terrorizing the chickies on the sunflower feeders too – cute yellow monsters!

      I don’t have jays at my feeders – I see them close by, maybe they are afraid of the goldfinches.

  6. Sure is one tough little bird, Lorri. Love the images and like you, find it pretty hard to catch the action in a photo, but oh so much fun in trying.

    Nice to share the action with others via our blogs.

    Aren’t we lucky to be able to photograph the Natural world around us to share.

  7. That is one tough bird! They are a gang here in our yard – outnumber everyone else – and fuss and fight all day long. And ours are leaving the thistle bag to feed on sunflower seeds – Great photos as usual, Lorri – hope all is well with you in Eureka town! K

    • Thanks, mine are not eating much thistle either right now. I haven’t seen fights before today. All is well here in Eureka – I have been on the road and it’s good to be back!

  8. I don’t have any goldfinches here that I know of. Tough little guy. haha! here it’s a sparrow, at least I think it’s a sparrow. It’s small and brown with a rosey colored chest and chin so not sure what it is, but it’s bossy!

      • I finally looked up the bird that comes to the feeder, it’s a house finch, which I usually only see in winter time. It comes with a big bunch of females and males. They sing really pretty songs too. The sparrows here are at my feeders all the time. I haven’t seen many birds since the falcon came to visit though.

        • Ahhh – we have house finches in this area in the summer, but I’ve never had them at my house. They have a great song. I did see a sparrow in the mix on the ground today before the sun went down. Go figure.

  9. I wouldn’t have thought a goldfinch would be able to chase off a titmouse like that. Our goldfinches (so far) don’t even come to the feeders. I see them out in the fields eating seeds so there still must be plenty to eat out there.

    • I was totally surprised by this guy. I have a finch feeder but they have been eating out of this tray and the sunflower seed feeders the last couple of weeks. They are feeding on the ground too, but this fellow likes bigger seeds.

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