This is a story about my father and how his views changed over the years. There’s always hope…

The King of Isabelle Avenue

I hadn’t planned on writing a post about race, but as I perused Facebook this morning and saw all the MLK quotes and memes. It made me think about what my experiences in the 60s and 70s, the attitudes I heard growing up, and how things changed over the years.

Remember the show “All in the Family”? That was our house – my Pop was a younger version of Archie Bunker. He also had a ridiculous chair that no one else was permitted to sit in.

When first I started school I remember picking up that he did not care for me to have friends who looked different from me. My very first school friend was a girl named Frances who was from Mexico and spoke no English. We communicated by drawing pictures and walked home from school together every day. She lived on the next block over. Pops made…

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    • Such an amazing story, it makes me tear up. I’m glad you posted it, this guy didn’t apologize because he had been on the wrong side of history, he apologized because he had changed – I love that hope.

  1. I left a long comment over there. But I loved this story. Just loved it. Yesterday I saw a clip of a former police man in Selma (I think) who had beaten Rep. John Lewis. He apologized. Here they are on Oprah, but the clip I saw was different.

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