Meet My New Friend – Johnny Bravo

OK, so I have been lamenting the subbing I have been getting from the local red birds for months now. This weekend, on a whim, I decided to take an old Corel plate and put it on top of a ladder. I thought it would make for an interesting angle and let me get more sky and trees instead of porch in the background. I have two tray feeders on the porch as they are OK, but being in the shade they can make focusing a challenge on some days. It turns out that all the red birds wanted was a private table with a view – at least that is what one red bird wanted. I think I have a new friend and I think I’ll call him Johnny Bravo.20130219-114743.jpgI first posted photos of Johnny Saturday. To be honest I was having lens issues, and while I was thrilled to capture so many birds, focusing was a struggle. Sunday’s light was a bit better and I felt like I was able to do Johnny justice.

Johnny seems to have gotten dressed up for me in his Sunday best…20130219-121239.jpg20130219-121512.jpg


Johnny seems to like the view from his private table…20130219-122134.jpg20130219-122957.jpg


Johnny seems happy with the menu…20130219-122932.jpg20130219-123028.jpg20130219-123708.jpg

Well, mostly happy…20130219-123825.jpg20130219-123953.jpg

Well, maybe not completely happy…

20130219-124618.jpg“See that orange crap! Take it back to the chef and tell him it’s garbage! It’s inedible!”

20130219-124642.jpgOf course, Mr. Bravo, the customer is always right.

Before it was over Johnny had moved all the orange pieces off the plate and onto the next rung of the ladder. Apparently Johnny did not appreciate all of the components of the much more expensive Scott’s Songbird Mix. I tasted them and thought they were pretty good.

Johnny flew off the handle and left me without a tip. I guess cardinals really are ungrateful snobs after all.

40 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend – Johnny Bravo

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  2. These are great photos… and his attitude and demeanor are enhanced by you words… I love this post… funny that he took one type of seed and moved it off the plate, instead of just ignoring it… great captures…

  3. One of those guys got stuck in my chicken coop one morning. I decided to go help it out by freeing it. It thanked me by taking a chunk out of my finger. My finger is burning looking at these pics…but they are gorgeous pics nonetheless! Looove! 😀

  4. Love those red cardinals.
    I was going to say I wish we had bright.y coloured birds like that when I remembered all the rainbow lorikeets I photograph at the zoo, Botanic Gardens and even occasionally, in the city.
    We actually have a lot of brightly coloured birds in Australia, but I think the little finches at the zoo are the only ‘small’ brightly coloured birds.

    • These guys have always lived in my woods and I only caught fleeting glances of them before I started feeding seriously – they are stunning in person – I made no color adjustments to these shots at all – these are jpgs right out of the camera.

    • I thought that was what the crest meant – it was very windy so that’s why it slants that way. He stuck around a long time and has been back every day. The other males are not so bold.

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