Sunny Day and an Old Lens

I’m patiently awaiting for the return of my beloved long zoom. There is never really a good time to be without a favorite lens, but I’ve been making due with an old Vivitar manual lens from 1978. I wrote about taking out this old piece of kit in desperation here.

Today I had a chance to take the relic out in almost perfect conditions. It was a sunny 50 degrees and the birds were dropping in and out of range – on my last post the images had a softness that is not typical of modern glass, they looked almost “film-like”. Today, that old bit of kit was singing. I started shooting some black and white film with it and late in the day I managed to make a few captures.

Today my favorite northern cardinal was not even considering stopping by the feeders. I spotted him in the crepe myrtle bush…

20130224-185418.jpgOf course he thew me that Johnny Bravo stare – snob…

20130224-185530.jpgI experimented with aperture settings and he looked away…

20130224-185546.jpgOne thing about focussing manually, I can focus on the bird in spite of the limbs in the way.

Back at the feeders, I got a clear shot of a pine warbler in the late afternoon sun…

20130224-185634.jpgOne key to using old glass is finding a subject that is going to stick around, and this guy was serious about feeding, not flitting…

20130224-185653.jpgLive view does give you the ability to see what the changes in aperture and shutter speed will do, so it’s not exactly like shooting a film camera from the era…

20130224-185713.jpgI love how the sun rests on the shoulders of this warbler, he has become a regular visitor and he has even brought his girlfriend to check things out too. I hope they decide to stay.

After shooting this lens on a sunny day, I have decided its a keeper! I wouldn’t choose it over my modern lens in most situations, but shooting it on my modern camera gave me to confidence to try to capture birds with it on a film camera this weekend. It’s a good bit of kit.

31 thoughts on “Sunny Day and an Old Lens

  1. I don’t know why, but yours and several other blogs I follow aren’t showing up in my reader feed. I’m missing posts until I go looking for them. Kinda like my glasses. 🙂 nice captures here. I too like the sun on that little yellow dude.

  2. wonderful shots Lorri! I so want to paint that snobby cardinal! The first and second pic would be perfect! 🙂 My fingers are itching for a paintbrush when I see your pics.

  3. Just beautiful, Lorri.

    There’s a softness about these images that I really love. I think this lens is definitely a keeper and should be used more often (especially now that Spring is on the way on your side of the world).

    • Thanks Vicki – I’m finding it tough to use in harsh shadows, but in the sunshine I love it. I am definitely keeping it in my bag – I kinda like the challenge of capturing something with it.

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