The Crescent Hotel

At the top of the ridge the Crescent Hotel holds the high ground with a view that over looks the city and surrounding hills

4 thoughts on “The Crescent Hotel

  1. Spectacular! I stayed as a guest in the Crescent for a week while teaching at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts about four years ago. What a rush that was! I would give anything to be there now to see that fall foliage–Texas doesn’t have fall foliage 😦 Great photography, as always. WIsh I lived in that community so I could paint the surroundings, particularly this time of year.

    • Thanks David – the Crescent is an amazing place and the views from the observation deck are spectacular. I have never stayed there, but I hear it’s a real treat. As a local, it’s one of only two that I frequently visit. There are some great hiking trails below and the gardens are lovely all year round. I love living where we get a real autumn – everyplace should get to witness the seasons change so dramatically.

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