What does the Fox Say?

One of my favorite things about life in the Ozarks are the random encounters with wildlife. These encounters happen often up on my mountain – songbirds, squirrels, hawks, and deer all circle around the Stonehouse, careful to steer clear of the patrolling terriers in the lawn. A few years ago we had bear sightings up the road. I spotted a black mountain lion passing through one time. These occurrences are alway magical, but not unexpected anymore.

My friend Candy lives about a mile and a half from me on a golf course community called Holiday Island. You may have seen Eric Estrada pitching lots on late night infomercials a few years back. It’s beautiful spot carved out of the wilds of the Ozarks – but it’s considerably less wild than my mountain. They have restaurants, grocery stores, and a club house. One night Candy and I were driving from her house to mine. We were passing the clubhouse when we spotted some visitors. There on the parking lot next to the putting green were three little faces looking back at us. Candy maneuvered the car to give me some light while I took photos with my flash – oddly enough they were not at all bothered by the car, the flash, or me. At one point I was shooting two of them grooming each other when I glanced back and caught sight of the third one sneaking up behind me. Their curiosity overwhelmed any fear they had.

Their manner reminded me a lot of my shy pup Kirby. They were cautious but curious. I almost wanted to just sit on the ground and let them come to me – but we were in the middle of a street in the dark in the middle of the night. After about 20 minutes they tired of us and moved on across the putting green. Something more interesting awaited them in the dark of the golf course.

Since that night I have seen them several times. I spent some time with them at the bank parking lot one evening, but without Candy there to point the car headlights at them I didn’t have enough light to photograph them. I saw them sleeping in a driveway the other day – soaking up the last of the warmth of our Indian Summer.


32 thoughts on “What does the Fox Say?

  1. What a fantastic way to announce your re-entry into blogging. Those foxes are quite the models. Wonderful. Good to have you back – I was worried you had gone the way of so many other bloggers.

    • I lived in Oregon for several years – I had a family of skunks that lived in the culvert under my driveway – right in town, these guys seem to have adapted well to golf course living.

      • OMGoodness! I live in Oregon now! We have seen an increase in skunk population and of course the unmistakable smell every now and then when we are out running. There must be something about the golf courses they must be attracted to… We see them around the golf courses where we live and used to see them around golf courses in Albuquerque-

  2. What a great experience, Lorrie.

    I spotted a fox in the back lane behind my apartment block in the inner city and thought I was hallucinating, but a lady popped her head over her back fence when she heard my footsteps and told me it had often come to here back door looking for food. As they’re not indigenous to Australia, one assumes they were brought out by the English back in the first settlement in the early 1800s.

    Lovely to see a post from you – it’s been soooooo long.

    • Hi Vicky – it has been too long. I have had a crazy few months, but I am glad to be back. I first heard about these foxes from a friend who told me she saw them in her yard all the time. I see that they have learned to cross the highway by going through a culvert – but they are not living down there. I think their active time is at night, I haven’t caught them in daylight yet. I never knew they were not native to Australia. I adore them. So calm and curious.

    • Well – I wish I could have shot them without the flash, but it was almost midnight. I had to hand focus most of these shots because of the low light. The one with the fire eyes cracks me up. If only they could come and hang out with me on a sunny day! Your shots were very cool – I love the color of that grey fox. They are my new favorite animal 🙂

  3. So cool! I love seeing these gorgeous creatures. We had a vixen move into the neighborhood this spring, her den somewhere across the road, where she raised 2 kits. They were so adorable playing in the yards and meadow. Early one morning, she and I startled each other as I was filling bird feeders and she popped over our stone wall about 5 feet from me. Such a thrill! Good to see you, Lorie! Hope things are going well for you in my favorite town, ES! K

    • Things are going great in Eureka – the color is just starting to pop! I have seen these little guys pretty often and just love the calm demeanor they have. Very playful. Clearly we live in their world!

    • I did not get a shot of the mountain lion – I guess if it’s black its called a puma. I thought it was house cat with a funny gate until I pulled up next to it and saw it was quite large. They cry like a woman being attacked – it’s eirie.

      Good to hear from you – I have been following your posts – congrats on your daughters upcoming wedding!

        • I think their names are regional. We called them mountain lions in the west. Same cat. Fish and Game labeled the black one a puma. It was huge – there’s a three foot tall grading berm on my road and it stepped over it like it wasn’t there. That’s a dead giveaway that you are not looking at a house cat 🙂

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