The Perfect Flakes

f/4 1/125 second – I continued to try and focus on the areas with specs of snow. Finally I got this shot – the one I was hoping for, a beautiful perfect translucent shape that reminds me of my power bill – not!

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Flakes

    • I shoot mirrorless so the 60mm is equal to a 120mm full frame. I imagine a traditional 60mm might not do it. I had a 45mm (90mm equivalent) that just couldn’t do it.

      • Managed to get one with 60mm a couple days ago. It’s not as good as yours, but with practice I think I could get some even nicer captures. I had the iso maxed out. I might try flash next time. Hardest part was it just above freezing and the flakes were all melting together. Posted the image with one of my silly poems

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