A Hummer of a Rain Dance

I was putting together the pieces of a longer post when the rain started.

If you’ve read any of my posts lamenting the drought in the Ozarks, you know that rain is a reason for rejoicing! I was working on a bird feeder repair in the kitchen when I looked out the window and saw this:

A female hummer enjoying the shower…

She started to spin and do her best impression of a turkey with a glance to the right…

then a twist to the left…

followed by a whole lotta shakin’

The rain gauge is filling up, the grass is starting to green up, the hummers are dancing, all is right with the world.

21 thoughts on “A Hummer of a Rain Dance

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  2. I am so happy you were able to capture this – we love watching these tiny creatures preen and dance. It has been a great hummingbird seasons here – just a bit north of you – but won’t be long before they begin heading to Central America for the winter – smart birds! K

    • It has been an amazing season – I am just enchanted by them. How long do they stay? Some locals have been saying to keep the feeders up until December – I’ve always taken them down earlier.

      • We usually leave ours up until mid- late Oct. I think we may have a few stragglers then but most are gone the first week of Oct or so. They didn’t really show up at our house until late June this year – had a few earlier but the swarm came in then. So not sure if they will leave on their regular sched. Just love your photos! K

  3. What a lovely capture.
    Sharing a series of photos makes the event so interesting.
    We’ve got a beautiful sunny blue sky in Melbourne today and here am I rejoicing in that Spring finally has arrived and the continuous rain seems to have abated (at least for today).

    • Thanks Vicki, We have had a summer-long drought, we are about 15 inches behind. The rain was a welcome sight this weekend:) I feel like we missed much of our spring. I know how you feel though – a typical spring here can seem like endless rain. Hope you start seeing spring flowers soon!

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