Look Me in the Eye

I had an artist reception a couple of months ago and someone asked me what inspires me.

I know what I like to shoot, what draws my eye – but the things that inspire me are connections. It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting my Grandpa’s car keys, an antique car, a famous place, or an ostrich – I’m looking to make it personal. I’m looking for the shot that connects the viewer with the subject. Sometimes I succeed – sometimes, not so much. Connection is always the goal for me.

Here are some shots I’ve taken this year where the subject has chosen to make a connection with me. It always amazes me when this happens. If you’ve ever tried to get a decent shot of your dog, you know how hard it can be. It’s nothing you can plan for, but when it happens…
















These may not be my best shots, but they are my some of best experiences shooting. Having a wild animal pause and look you in the eye is pretty amazing even if you don’t have a camera with you. I’ve noticed that so many animals are curious, maybe as curious as I am about them.

35 thoughts on “Look Me in the Eye

    • Thanks, I shoot – a lot. Mostly I just stay low key. I’ve noticed that deer and antelope seem to be curious and want to look you over if you don’t spook them at the onset.

  1. Wow! These shots are stunning. It’s easy to see the connection in each image, but I love the chipmuck (?).
    These must have been amazing encounters.

    Thanks for sharing these images, Lorri, I really enjoyed viewing them.

  2. These pictures are awesome. I love the ostrich picture – it looks like a belligerent old lady about ready to nail you with a handbag. The raccoon one is great as well – those are hard buggers to catch in daylight where we are. My favorite is the female cardinal – we have them, but because the females tend to be at the nest most of the time, I’ve never gotten a picture with such detail. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, I shot a series of raccoons at the home of a 99 year old neighbor earlier this year – they live in her attic, this guy was the one who paid attention to me while the others ate. The cardinal was a treat, she spent about a half hour on my porch feeding, when she turned to look at me I was stunned.

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