Why Did the Elk Cross the Road?

Chomp, chomp, enjoying brunch at my favorite eatery…


Can’t I eat my meal in peace?


What are you looking at?


Do I need to call security?


I’m outta here!




Why did the elk cross the road? To escape the paparazzi.

16 thoughts on “Why Did the Elk Cross the Road?

  1. #2 does look like an irate diner! This is an amazing capture. The elk at the cabin I used to go to did not stick around too long, lots of blurry shots of them running off, you must be an elk whisperer 😉

    • Thanks! These elk own the valley – we are just a temporary distraction. The reason this guy bolted was that someone pulled up in a truck right next to him rather than pulling off and hiking up to where I was (my pet peeve) he was happy to stick around until he was crowded. I was probably 20 feet from him.

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