Dang! Surrounded! You watch that one and I’ll watch this one…


Whew! Just a camera. Hey, make sure to get my good side…


I hate it, they all show up with their cameras when my antlers look a mess…


Can’t you leave us to eat our breakfast in peace?


OK – a couple of poses and that’s it!


Don’t get my double chin…

25 thoughts on “Paparazzi

    • Goshdern it momma – I prrisheat that. Y’all come back now… Did you know that “Bless Your Heart” is redneck code for “screw you”?

      • ‘course. i know all dat dere shit ’cause i just watched some show where i guy catches ra’coons w his damn bare hands.. and i will never get that brain matter back… never!

          • I saw a documentary on it on the local PBS station. You wade into a river and look for holes in the river bank – you stick your hand in and hope you pull out a catfish. You could pull out something else. Noodlers seem to wear overalls into the river. Banjo players all around.

    • Thanks! This was about 8 in the morning – I had shot this pair right after sunrise but they had retreated into the woods. They decided to come back out for a snack:) They are most active an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

      • I knew it had to be either eary or evening….so I was curious. My son used to sit in the deerstand in the evening just to try and catch photos……a different kind of “hunter” ~ great job!

        • I was just telling my nephew that I so my shooting with a camera – he’s an avid hunter and I respect it, I just don’t think I could do it myself. For me it’s magical to get this close – it’s a moment with another living thing. I have thought of getting a tree stand for my place to do just that – hunt with my camera:)

          • Oh you should do that! My son does hunt now….but if they get it….they eat it. It is not just for “fun”. And I agree…totally magical! πŸ™‚

          • My brother has a hunters code – you shoot it you eat it. I totally respect it and have partaken of the feast – I prefer not to be friends with my supper though:)

          • Your brother does it right! But I’m with you….my kids raise pigs/cows to fill their freezer….I just don’t wanna know! πŸ™‚

          • My other brother raises chickens and cannot bear the thought of butchering any of them – they are his pets. He sends me calendar invites for lock down and hatching dates. He has a whole blog about his chickens. I prefer my chicken come from the store:)

          • I’m not much of a meat eater….but when I indulge…it’s chicken. But not ones I’ve met! πŸ™‚ What’s his blog????

      • I envy your accessibility to so many marvelous animals. We’re in the middle of crazy squirrel season – it loses its glamour after they clean out all the bird feeders and build a nest in your rafters. Plus, they don’t sit still for pictures.

        • Squirrels are the bane of my existence here as well. I don’t have them near the bird feeders because I have terriers. I do have a squirrel infestation in my workshop. I have been trying to clear them out for years – even in the woods they are a pariah.

    • Thanks Vicki, I was about 25-30 feet from the one with longer antlers. I saw some cars pulled off the road so I stopped and hiked up on a ridge and there they were.

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