A Color Study of Jazz

The community I live in has festivals most weekends from April through October. It’s a way of drawing tourists to out tiny Victorian village. I usually stay far away unless the festival is about art or antique cars –  or unless there is a parade, then I’m there:)

A few weeks ago it was the Jazz Festival. I had just returned home from a business trip and was thinking about what I could photograph on the weekend when I contacted my pal Judy. She asked if I was interested in going to a jazz concert at the Auditorium. I don’t know much about jazz beyond music appreciation classes in school and what I have seen on Treme, but it sounded like a good time to hang out so I decided to go. To tell the truth I thought about backing out all day, but I knew Judy really wanted to go.

The artist was Delfeayo Marsalis, I recognized the last name from his brother who used to be on the Tonight Show. I decided to take just my camera body and my portrait lens, I wanted something fast so I would not need to flash. I was glad to see that we were in the front row to the left – perfect spot to shoot or get close to the stage.

I took a few shots and was intrigued by the color – the lights were casting purple and yellow hues on the musicians and their instruments. I loved the colors and how they seemed to express the coolness and crispness of the sounds of the trombone.



About midway through the concert I decided to try the grainy film filter on my camera – just experimenting. There want a lot of light so I focused on trying to bring out just a bit of the mid tones. What I ended up with was something with a feeling of chiaroscuro. Highs and lows – a lot like the music.



What I discovered is that I like jazz, I liked it enough to put the camera down and just take it in. I even recognized Brer Rabbit on an episode of Treme.

17 thoughts on “A Color Study of Jazz

  1. I would love to speak to you about your plates (images) I LOVE JAZZ music in general. Please reach out to me about your work incorporated into mine! Warmest regards, Ansel 678 439 5199 (It’s my business line so please be patient in case it needs to transfer you to my cell.)

  2. Love Jazz….well….actually, I love “almost” every style of music. So glad you took time to take this in! Your photos are amazing! The black & whites made me think I was in the 60’s! Great job…..

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