It has begun…

After a long summer’s drought the forecast is for COLOR!

It’s just starting, here and there, but it’s coming. I was driving home about 10 days ago and saw my first glimpse – Virginia Creeper wrapped around the trunk of a dead oak. I parked the jeep and hiked into the woods to get a look. Mosquitos everywhere and too much glare, still I found some color on the forest floor where some of the creeper had fallen



Last Saturday I got a chance to walk around my property, there are some volunteer trees – not sure what kind, but they showed the first color. These are in a space I quit mowing about 5 years ago – birds nest in them in the summer and they show great color in the fall.


On Sunday I got just a small peek at the color to come in the Boxley Valley where I shoot elk. Not great shots, we were in a hurry and I shot these from the car.



The days are getting shorter so it’s almost impossible to shoot after work. I look forward to those crips autumn weekends where I can get lost in the leaves.

What’s the color like where you are?

21 thoughts on “It has begun…

  1. Gorgeous colors. Nothing is quite as spectacular as fall leaves in the midwest and east. Out here in CA, not so much. We just have gray sky and still green leaves. When they get too old, they turn brown. Enjoyed your site. I’ll come back when I have more time to look around.

  2. Seems like it happened overnight – suddenly all the hickorys are gold, the maples have changed and even the oaks are starting to show color. And who knew – with the heat and drought – but the trees had other ideas! Wonderful photos! K

    • Thanks! I got a chance to shoot a bit tonight in Eureka Springs – it’s just starting but it’s going to be amazing. I am so glad:)

        • Yes – but later in the winter. We sometimes get a skiff in November. January can be snowy and icy. I’ve never seem over 2 feet though. Everything stops with a few inches. Our roads are not built for it so you just have to stay home:) I bet you get a lot there.

          • it snows, it melts and then snows and melts again. In Montreal we had 8 to 9 foot snow drifts in the middle of the road and once our house was buried in and my dad shoveled his way out of the garage and to our front door!

          • Man – that’s a lot of snow. I lived in the Cascades for about a decade and we got 100 inches in a year and often had to shovel our roofs, but it was not all at once. Here we get it in spurts but now and then we get slammed. We had an ice storm 3 years ago that took out power for most of the county for 17 days. I was iced in for a week. It was actually nice to skip work and hang out with the neighbors in front of the fire.

  3. Oh I’ve missed you! I’ve been away forever, it seems.
    I lOve your autumn colours. Especially the orange leaves where you don’t mow and just let the birds nest. *So* beautiful!
    It’s finally spring here! 🙂 There is magenta lilac flowering across my driveway. I’ve planted a ton of seedlings- corn, carrots (three different kinds including purple carrots of course!), snow peas, snapdragons, marigolds, lobelia, cosmos. All are green still. I might get my first marigold open today- a red and orange one. I’ve got two rosebushes with buds. One will be white and I think the other will be apricot. My white camellia is finished. My pink and white cyclamens are mostly finished. My favourite colour of all is the reddish purple double lilac out front across my driveway. Oh, and I’ve got a very bright pink daisy flowering. It’s still in a pot. I’m hoping Greg will help me plant it (he and Kiki arrive today) cuz I think I’ve torn my left shoulder muscle somehow.
    Looking forward to Lots of colours!! And looking forward to lots more gorgeous photos on your Blog! I think I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! 🙂
    love from Rach.

  4. Colour on our trees in Melbourne, Australia is green, green and more green. Acutally it’s wonderful to see as our hot summer will burn everything to a crisp brown unless it has regular watering.

    • I love spring and the greens it brings.

      I thought we might have a brown fall after the dry summer – but some late rains have saved the season. I got a chance to shoot for about 30 minutes tonight before it got too dark.

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