Leaf Peeking at Sweet Spring

Fall color is starting to pop and I got a chance to shoot a bit before dark the last two nights. I headed to one of my favorite spots in Eureka Springs – Sweet Spring.


Eureka is the town that water built and it has dozens of free flowing springs that attracted Victorian types to come to find healing in the waters. In the 1880s the City created reservations that basically created a protective area around each spring, essentially they created dozens of small jewel-box parks.

Many of the springs on the west side of town have formal stonework surrounds and Sweet Spring is essentially a spiral staircase that goes down into the ground. It has amazing color on the hill above.


I shot these all within 30 minutes of sunset.

This was taken with a fish-eye from down inside the stairwell.

Vines over the wall


Maples on the hillside

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to just shoot leaves without any particular thought – I let myself get very right-brained – I hunt shapes and colors while shooting fast. I let my eye just find things without looking for them. It’s very different from shooting wildlife, it’s more organic – it’s more satisfying. I can get lost shooting leaves…






For my friends in Canada

On my way out I had to shoot this morning glory.

My favorite leaf shot of the evening.

Ending the week shooting leaves is good for my soul. Autumn is here!

48 thoughts on “Leaf Peeking at Sweet Spring

    • Thanks! Sweet and Harding are on the same street as Basin and Grotto – they are in between the two and Sweet is my favorite in the fall. For the one inside the spring I used my kit lens with a fisheye converter – for the rest I used my 100-300, my macro, and my fast 50.

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  2. We do not have the splendid colours of autumn (fall) here in Australia that you have and your photos bring your North American experience to life. It also brings back memories for me of the two seasons that I did experience there. Makes me want to go back there again in that season … one of these days. Thanks for the post πŸ™‚

    • I was surprised to learn that Australia doesn’t have fall colors – so many other amazing wonders. I grew up in the desert so these colors were a treat for me the first time I saw them – I think no matter where life takes me I will want to spend fall someplace like this. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Australia’s trees are mainly evergreen..Eucalypts and wattles. So no ‘fall’. And in many parts of the country there are only two seasons winter and summer. The shoulder seasons are generally skipped over very quickly. Unless like me you live in the south … Tasmania… then here the four seasons are enjoyed.

    • Thanks – I hadn’t expected to see flowers still blooming but the city gardener is amazing – this is one of my favorite springs.

  3. What a treasure! I’m loving photos one and three. One is so textural, and rich in colour. three, well, I,m a sucker for unusual vantage points. Fall is such a great season to shoot, especially when we can get a sunny day.

    • Thanks, the third photo is the one I was going for. I’ve shot it before on overcast days and it’s just missing something – sky:) I love this spot, so many angles to explore.

  4. Beautiful colour & stunning images, Lorri.
    (although that last shot would tempt me to rub out some spots. LOL).

    Julie Goyder (from Western Australia) is pretty much correct about Western Australia. They don’t have much Autumn colour on that side of the country. Western Australia is known for it’s spectacular wild flowers in Spring.

    I get some good colour on my side of Aust. because I live near large public gardens. But the Dandenong ranges overlooking the east suburbs of Melbourne are where the really spectacular Autumn coloured leaves are. Just not as spectacular at your side of the world.

    We have a lot of eucalyptus trees and native trees that are blue-green and not deciduos. It’s mainly the English trees brought out by the first settlers that have Autumn colour in Australia,.

    Love that third circular image in this series you’ve posted..

    • LOL – I suppose it could be cleaned up a bit. In my work I do so much photoshop that I use very little of if on my photos. It’s not that I don’t think it’s ok or anything like that. I prefer not to do much beyond adjusting the exposure or white balance.

      I assumed Australia had similar colors, but here it’s so varied as well. In the east and south we have lots of color – in the west, not so much. I grew up in the desert where we didn’t even have an autumn so this is like

    • Really – I would have thought they would be similar after seeing images of Spring. Do you have a lot of deciduous trees there? When I lived in the NW we had mostly pines and firs – no real color at all.

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