Topsy-turvy Nuthatch

When I set up the buffet last spring, the nuthatches were my first regular customers. They were the first to decide I was unimportant to their dining experience, the first to try out each style of feeder, and the first to just hang out with me. They seem to prefer to do all of this upside down.

Upside down on the landing…





Upside down as they eat…




Upside down as they throw me a pose… (Seriously, they get style points from me for this – it’s acrobatic)



And upside down as they check me out…



Now, to be fair, they do fly right-side-up, mostly.

29 thoughts on “Topsy-turvy Nuthatch

    • I only see the white breasted ones here – they are so elegant. They are so quiet too – the chickys and the titmice have sentries that squawk at me. I think these guys work harder than any other bird I have ever watched. back and forth a seed at a time.

  1. These pictures are fantastic. What a great study. My husband and I are going to have to set up feeders. Our birds have so much natural stuff around here, that they are pretty independent. We’re just going to have to change that!! Love your post.

  2. I love White-breasted Nuthatches. Gorgeous shots! We have them year-round and they’re companionable birds – hanging out with chickadees and woodpeckers. Apparently going down head first means that they get a lot of the bugs that other birds miss. Great metaphor for taking a different perspective.

    • We have them year round here too. Chickadees, woodpeckers and titmice are all still pretty active at the feeders. I love how they curve their shape and the way they fly in shallow scallops. At first I wondered how they ate upside-down, but I’ve noticed that they fly back to base each time they get something to eat – they seem to eat right-side-up:)

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