A Downy Girl Drops by the Buffet

I’ve posted before about my exploits creating a woodpecker feeder for my wild bird buffet. I have one very consistent customer – a red-bellied woodpecker who shows up almost daily. But recently a lovely little girl has been dropping by. She’s a little shy and not too sure about that big feeder, but she’s clearly attracted to the suet section of the buffet.

She’s a Downy Woodpecker – just a bit bigger than a nuthatch with a similar acrobatic flying style. She’s easily spooked so I stayed very still to get some shots of her…





The light was perfect the evening I shot these. No editing, no cropping, just straight out of camera goodness. These are 4 of the six shots I got off before she departed. Sometimes things just work out that way.

I’m hoping she returns often and gives that fancy feeder a try. She seems to prefer peanut suet to the berry that the others like – I’ll be adding it to the menu.

8 thoughts on “A Downy Girl Drops by the Buffet

  1. Lovely shots. I just love the black and white pattern on this bird’s feathers too.

    (isn’t it great when you can post a series SOOC – I’m getting to like this ‘NO editing’ style of posting my photos).

    • Thanks – I love it when that happens too! I mostly do very small tweeks anyway. On my last trip I did some heavy Photoshop on some pieces that were impossible to get in a single shot because of lighting – I’d just rather shoot than edit:)

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