17 thoughts on “Ozarks Autumn – Gold

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  2. Spring rains, Summer breeze, Winter’s night….Autumn has these and one other thing that I love…the smell. The rich earthy fragrance of a forest floor. October seems to be the best month no matter where we live. In Colorado it brought the first snow, in North Carolina the crisp mornings followed by sunny afternoons always decorated by lovely fall colors. Everywhere though, it’s the smell that I love.

    • That’s a great description. I have never had a sense of smell – I can only describe how the air feels – this morning it was “crisp”. I recall my mom saying something once – that it “smelled like snow” outside – I have no clue about that one. Alas, I am resigned to enjoying the color and cool breezes sans the fragrances:)

  3. Beautiful series of Autumn leaves, Lorri.
    The golden leaf in the third last image is my favourite.

    (I’m even managing to enjoy the holes & irregular patterns on the Autumn leaves. LOL).

    • Thanks Vicki! I love to see through those holes:) The one you mention is the one I think I took after a rainstorm. Grey all day and then right before sunset the sun emerges – the golds were amazing.

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