This is my first day’s work for NaNoWriMo – Writing more than captions and comments on photos is totally outside my comfort area.

The King of Isabelle Avenue

“Quick! Lorri – I need an earring!” shouted TJ as he burst into the house, I asked a stupid question, “Why?” “Your dad’s gonna pierce my ear!” , he excitedly answered back.

Oddly, this request did not surprise me in the least. On this particular Saturday TJ, one of Pops’ many shooting buddies, had shown up promptly at 10 o’clock to fix a broken car. At our house we didn’t call a mechanic or go to the dealership. If a car wasn’t running Pop called a friend, had Mom pick up a case of Bud and some rib eyes, and sent me or one of my brothers to the neighborhood auto parts store on our bicycle. Next came the hunt for tools – always a phillips screwdriver and a 5/8 inch wrench. If my experience is typical, I think you could repair everything from a toaster to the space shuttle…

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  1. Great to hear you’re well on the way in your book writing, Lorri.

    Sometimes it’s good to attempt tasks outside our comfort zone.

    (look forward to reading your words, while I try to ‘sort’ out my computer troubles. Desktop has been returned to me, but still not working properly and still can’t view or edit my photos properly. Screen needs to be reformatted or something.).

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