The First and Last of the Dogwoods

The dogwood is a favorite of mine. It shows itself early. Before the leaves of the surrounding trees have fully opened they appear like clouds suspended just below the treetops. The open and spread their wings, and then they are gone.


Throughout the summer, the dogwood simply disappears. It’s green leaves blending into the canopy. Only it’s dark twisted trunks give it away. For months they hide as spindly trees in forests of mighty oaks.

In the fall they fight to hold onto their green…


Giving into the transition slower than the rest, fighting the good fight…


Until only red remains and they alone are at the peak of their color. As the others start to fall, they take flight.


Bursting with color as the sunshines right through their translucent leaves.


Holding on long after the others are gone.

The first and the last.

31 thoughts on “The First and Last of the Dogwoods

  1. If I were a tree….this would be my choice! The dogwoods scattered thru the woods when we lived in BV were something I truly did not take for granted! I would snap pics and send to my grandmother in OKC. This was her fav, too. She helped me appreciate them…..thanks for sharing these pics and for bringing to mind great memories! Beautiful!

    • For the longest time I couldn’t pick out the trees once the flowers were gone. I never thought of them being in the park. It’s great to have the conveniences of the city and the wilds of the park in one location.

  2. Lovely.
    I see a small dogwood in a residential garden near my home. Love the flowers, they are so unusual. Didn’t know what it was called until another walker commented when I was taking a photo of it.

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