Bright Lights – Big City


I’m spending the holidays in Fabulous Las Vegas – my hometown.

Most people don’t think of a Vegas as a place where people grow up, go to school, or barbecue. On flights home, once someone learns that am a native Vegan, I am often asked where we live – do we live in the hotels?

The truth is that we live in houses and in neighborhoods like people all over the country and the world. We mow our lawns, we bake cookies, and we put up Christmas lights…

This display was up just a block from my brother’s house. As we left for an evening looking at lights the family was still putting it up – upon our return we saw it in all it’s glory with children dancing in the yard behind the nativity. There’s something so sweet about kids dancing around the manger as we celebrate the the birth of Jesus.

A couple of blocks over we have the neighborhood’s version of the Griswold’s – a spectacle in lights and inflatables…

A corner lot filled to the brim – extending at least ten feet above the roofline.

Sometimes the details are more interesting that the sum of all the parts….

Twinkling lights…

Glowing Santa…

Needles aglow…

Lights and garland…

A splash of color.

Merry Christmas from Vegas!

27 thoughts on “Bright Lights – Big City

  1. Really nice holiday shots. There’s just something about all that glow and glitter. I see it and conjure up a snowy scene, but I imagine it wasn’t very cold in Vegas.

  2. Lorri, I hope you had a wonderful day! And the pictures are terrific! I’m not a very Christmassy person, but I just loved the closeups of the lights — especially those big bulbs. They sent me right back to my childhood trees.

    Enjoy yourself for the rest of your trip!

  3. What part of town is this? Sadly, no one in or area did much more than a few lights, which is still more than me. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and Merry Christmas.

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