The Double Date

The woodpecker feeder is the hot spot at the Sunday Buffet these days, a great place for friends to meet up for brunch and a good time.

Sometimes old friends meet up and decide to catch up over a meal…

Hey bud – long time no see? How’s the little lady?

She’s great, she’s on her way here now. You should call your girl – let’s have a double date.

Too late, I’m already here! The pine post is my favorite spot.

Mine too – I love the appetizers!

20 thoughts on “The Double Date

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    • Thanks Vicki – Those are my favorites – they are a pretty good size and are so curious. They make the saddest sounding call so I can tell their at the feeder from inside the house

    • That’s a female downy in the last shot – she just has her head arched. These feeders work great for nuthatches too because they climb tree trunks – the other birds can’t feed on it because there are no perches.

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