Lucky Shot

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I’m a huge advocate of taking your camera with you…everywhere.

I drag mine through airports, take it on business trips, pack it into work everyday, and throw it in the jeep when I head to the grocery store. You just never know when you might get lucky and get a shot that teaches you something that you never knew.

You might learn that…

20130119-110855.jpg…There’s something hiding in the tall grass…

20130119-111019.jpg…Marmots have buck teeth…

20130119-111035.jpg…Some chickens can bend metal with just the power of their minds…

20130119-111047.jpg…Prairie dogs love to play tiny green harmonicas…

20130119-111058.jpg…African parrots not only copy voices, they do movie impressions too – this Linda Blair from the Exorcist…

20130119-111137.jpg…Woodpeckers have really long tongues…

20130119-111154.jpg…Hummingbird tongues are even longer…

20130119-111214.jpg…Squirrels like to sit on tiny benches…

20130119-111228.jpg…Canaries can be wistful…

20130119-111301.jpg…Deer can be kind if vain…

20130119-111314.jpg…Titmice like to hang out…

20130119-111340.jpg…Someone is watching you…

20130119-111408.jpg…Chickadees can be intimidating…

It’s great to tell stories about the wonderful things you see every day, but a picture says so much better!

The Double Date

The woodpecker feeder is the hot spot at the Sunday Buffet these days, a great place for friends to meet up for brunch and a good time.

Sometimes old friends meet up and decide to catch up over a meal…

Hey bud – long time no see? How’s the little lady?

She’s great, she’s on her way here now. You should call your girl – let’s have a double date.

Too late, I’m already here! The pine post is my favorite spot.

Mine too – I love the appetizers!

The Misters and the Missuses

It was a glorious sunny 70+ degree day – perfect for Sunday Brunch at the Bird Feeder Buffet. this weeks special – suet served up to shy woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers are cautious and flighty. But, like most of my guests at the buffet, their appetite urges them onward in spite of their concerns. Interestingly, it seems that the females of the species are the trail blazers in this regard. If you want to know more about these feeders check out my post on feeding woodpeckers here.

The red-bellied woodpecker is a pretty good size bird, a little less than twice the size of a cardinal. It has the saddest call, but the sweetest expression. As new ones stop by the buffet, they always send a scout in first…




She decides that I’m no threat and digs in.

These feeders are perfect for woodpeckers. Very few birds have the ability to scale tree trunks, so with the exception of the nuthatches they have these feeders all to themselves.




She’s followed a few minutes later by her mister. He’s been here before, but is skittish and shy, so shy that he tries to sneak around the log instead of just scaling it like his mate. A lot more work for him, but it allows him a better field of vision.





On the other end of the buffer the downies are feeding. This female is a regular visitor and has almost no fear of me. I shot this from a rocker 6 feet from her.


Her mate was spotted at the buffet for the very first time yesterday at Sunday Brunch.


He very carefully checked things out…




And decided to go for the suet feeder instead.

We do our best to make our guests comfortable at the buffet, but sometimes a fella has to be prepared to eat and run.