Frosty Gaze

This morning’s frost caught my eye, so while waiting for my Jeep to warm up enough to defrost the windshield I decided to get out my camera. My Leica macro lens was calling to me. Since I’m surrounded by woods, I made my way down my drive to the road – it was a little like driving in braille. The sunlight at the road made it all worth the risk.

I found the frost to be filled with images that were almost familiar…

Curved tracings - facing straight ahead down the road

Curved Tracings

The payoff, sunrise out my driver's side window.

Driver’s Side Sunrise

Shot skyward - right out front

Blue Sky

A sweet spot in the sunrise

Frosty Feathers

The bulk of my windshield looked just like lace

Lace Curtains

Star towards the sky

Blue Star

Skyward on the sunrise side

Sunrise Dragon

Wisps in the sunrise

Pine Boughs in the Morning Light

A Heart of Glass

A Heart of Glass

This is exactly why I take my camera everywhere I go – you never know what wonders you will encounter doing the most mundane things like warming up the car.

59 thoughts on “Frosty Gaze

  1. This brought back memories of my childhood when there was time to look at the intricate details of the clouds in the sky and the frost on the windows….. you have captured this so well and taken me not into your world, but to a forgotten time in my memory.

    • That’s really cool Elizabeth, I think images have unique power sometimes. Interesting where a picture of water on a windshield takes someone. I find that music does that for me too sometimes. Interesting how our memories are wired.

  2. These are such stunning photos… I’m glad you take your camera everywhere you go… It is not only the camera that is good but the eye as well to be able to picture the result… I think you are good…. in fact outstanding… good perception…

  3. Beautiful series, Lorri.
    I love the fourth photo and particularly the last image also – that heart……

    They are so delicate and yet very sharp & piercing in their look.

    I know what you mean about taking your camera everywhere. I went into the city this afternoon to get a ‘Time Capsule’ to back up my Mac and couldn’t resist taking my camera for a wee walk after the Apple Mac Shop – you just never know what you’ll see. In fact, the rare times I’ve gone without it, I’ve seen a great photo opportunity and had to miss it.

    • Thanks Vicki – That heart is my favorite. That happens to me all the time. I just got back from a business trip and didn’t want to carry it to business meetings – of course I see things everywhere and tried to shoot them with my iPhone – but it’s just not the same. I’m lugging my kit next time for sure.

  4. These are stunning! I was going to take pics of my frozen waterfall this morning but I was too cold! So glad you did the dirty work and sacrifice to get some totally unworldly looking shots, nice work!

      • It happens like that to me all the time. Like with my hearts in nature post. I didn’t even realize the hearts in those shots until I uploaded them. Nature is wonderful and surprising, isn’t it?

        • It really is wonderful. I think sometimes I get so into my right brain that I am just processing composition – I seem to find a lot of goodies when I look at them onscreen.

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