Point of Interest

I don’t get my gear ready and think, “Wow, I hope I can find some leaves in the ice today!” I tend to come upon things that capture my interest. I have always been drawn to transparency and light. Anything with complimentary colors makes me take a second look. Texture intrigues me.

Sunday I thought I should head over to the mass of daffodils on my hillside when I encountered this – the ice from the top of the birdbath, cast aside and melting into the grass. It stopped me for almost an hour.




I forgot the daffodils, I know they will still be there on the next sunny day. You have to appreciate ice while it’s here. It melts is fast and then it is gone forever.

24 thoughts on “Point of Interest

  1. Love the patterns on the ice you’ve captured.

    (I always vow to go for just a ‘short’ walk and always get distracted and walk in my front door 3-4 hours later, so I know how one can get sidetracked).

  2. I have used the same process, gone after a similar leaf in frozen water look and never come away with beautiful photos like these – that is what I saw. I particularly like the last one.

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