Visiting Acrobatic Troupe from Canada

The Stone House Bird Buffet is proud to host a troupe of world class acrobats on their southern tour of North America. Direct from Canada….the Red-Breasted Nuthatches!!

First event, the rings…

20130303-083455.jpgMounting the apparatus…

20130303-083541.jpgLook at that extension!

Next up, rhythmic gymnastics…

20130303-083041.jpgMove to the left…

20130303-083351.jpgStretch to the right!

Final event, the parallel bars…

20130303-083628.jpgThis is one gifted aerialist…

20130303-083723.jpgAnd now for the finale!


And now the dismount…

20130303-085843.jpgTime to take a bow…


31 thoughts on “Visiting Acrobatic Troupe from Canada

  1. They are very acrobatic birds, we had one nesting in the creeper that used to be on the back wall of our house, and it got itself into some very curious positions!

    Unfortunately I’ve only managed one shot of ours…. very sad! I love yours. πŸ™‚

  2. Great series and I love your comments.

    We don’t get nuthatches in Australia (to my knowledge) – they’re a pretty little bird with their blue/grey coats and eye stripes – and their gymnastic displays are prizewinning (as you’ve shown).

  3. Great pictures! I love watching mine (yes, I consider them mine) going all over the apple tree, suet and feeder. They are so much fun to watch and they are good about sharing. Thanks Lorri!

  4. Love this – I could hear the circus music and the wild applause with each routine. These little charmers are so much fun to watch. Our latest visitors are 3 pair of mallards – handsome drakes with their lady loves. They walk up the road from the lake, feed under the feeders, then fly back to the water. K

  5. Our red-breasted nuthatches are just as entertaining. One reason I like them is that they have no problem sharing the suet with juncos, downies, and other birds.

    • That is so true. I’ve noticed the white breasted nuthatches squabbling a bit with the titmice in the last week and the downies are fighting amongst themselves almost constantly

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