Goldfinch Paparazzi

Don’t you hate it when you just can’t find something? Your car keys? Your cell phone? Your stalker?

Where'd she go? She's not down there...

Where’d she go? She’s not down there…

She's not back there?

She’s not back there. Where the heck is she?


There she is! I think I’m gonna have to get a restraining order.

34 thoughts on “Goldfinch Paparazzi

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  2. Stalker indeed, but isn’t it a lot of fun being The Stalker.

    With all the extra snow, I’ll bet your feeders and seed are in great demand this season.

    Lovely photos (as usual).

      • I do feed them, but it’s getting difficult. I have goldfinch feeders, but the mockingbirds are building nests and they are trying to run them off. I have 4 beautiful cardinals, but the other birds keep them farther out in the yard.

        • I’m lucky to have a lot of birds who share – downs, finches, chickies, titmice – the cardinals are the most fleeting – I place plated out for them, and I scatter a bit of seed on the ground too. They won’t push for access though.

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