The Effects of Gravity on the Pine Siskin

Although these tiny birds flutter through the space between the black walnut tree and the feeders on my patio like butterflies on speed, siskins are not immune to the effects of the earth’s gravity.

Room for one more?

Room for one more?

Of course! Pull up a perch!

Of course! Always room for one more. Pull up a perch!

Are you sure?

Are you sure – it looks pretty crowded…



Crash! Spill! Flutter! Back to the tree until the paparazzi puts things back in order.

39 thoughts on “The Effects of Gravity on the Pine Siskin

  1. Great photos Lorri.
    That last shot is just amazing. They actually look a bit like House Sparrows with the brown feathers.

  2. Terrific photos — I’m with the rest of the gang — that incoming bird is an amazing picture. I have these guys too, and i also thought they were goldfinches. Live and learn!

  3. Love these photos.. the last one especially… difficult capturing something when you’re laughing… I wonder why?? Maybe the camera manufacturers should develop a laugh button for excessive camera shake…

  4. Fantastic photos! I think the last is my favorite but you really have to see them all together, beautiful shots.

  5. Hey Lorri – beautiful day today and looks like we are in for a gorgeous day tomorrow – yea! I think these adorable birds may be pine siskins – very similar to goldfinches except more barred and streaked. They can also have a touch of yellow on them. Enjoy your weekend! K

    • Kathleen – I think you may be right about that – I need to edit my post. Someone told me that goldfinches developed streaks in the winter – their songs are so similar too. It is so wonderful outside – I can’t wait for the weekend!


      • I hope I feel like getting out and into the garden a bit tomorrow – have literally been in bed all week with the yucky head cold horrible crud stuff. Made it thru the winter without so much as a sniffle – then bam! At least it was an ugly week – K

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