Quoth the Raven “Apricots Forevermore!”

I’m on the road – traveling across country with my sister Karen. While we are waiting it catch a ferry I thought I would make a quick post.

All along the highways in Washington state we have been seeing lots and lots of ravens and crows. They are everywhere. Typically back home they keep their distance, so when we made a stop to check out the view at Crescent Lake in Olympic National Park we were delighted to see one stick around. We tossed him a dried apricot and he decided to stick around for more…

He seemed to own this grassy patch on the lake shore…

We noticed that he liked to perch on the parking logs at the edge of the grass – here he gives us his “I’m pitiful” look…

Next he throws us a pose…

We placed the apricot on the log at a spot near us and backed off to watch…

He waddled across the top of the log, occasionally taking a couple of hops…

As he gets to the end of the first log, he winds up for a big hop…

And he starts the stomping waddle to his treat…

At last, it’s within reach…

And it’s gone…

He catches the next flight to the tree across the road to see if there are more apricots to come.

36 thoughts on “Quoth the Raven “Apricots Forevermore!”

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  2. I can’t wait to hear more about the trip you’re on! You certainly have had some beautiful weather for traveling in the PNW. I don’t know if you’re spending any time in Seattle over the weekend or just passing through, but if you don’t have other friends or contacts in the city you’re busy catching up with let me know, maybe we can meet (if only for coffee).

    • I was without service for the last few days so I’m just seeing your message. I’m on a plane headed home now. I love the PNW – we ended up turning inland and spent time in Ranier. It would have been great to meet in real life 🙂

  3. Great shots Lorri. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

    I was studying these images very closely as I’ve not been successful photographing crows and ravens myself. Probably ’cause they’re always in the shade. I think your images work so well because you captured the sheen on their feathers in the sunlight. Next time I go to the Gardens, I’ll see if I can find any in the sun.

    Your crow almost looks blue-black (or is that just the blue sky reflecting off the shiny feather and beak surface?)

    • I think it was the blue sky reflecting. I under exposed these a bit to keep the black on black detail visible. I took them about 2 hours before sunset. We were next to a glacial lake that was so blue.

  4. ROAD TRIP! I hope you are both having a blast! Thank you for sharing these photos. They help to remind me as to what I miss when I don’t take the time to slow down and experience more of nature’s beauty all around me.

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