Chicago Curves

I have been to Chicago dozens of times. I often fly into Midway and get a car to drive to Grand Rapids for work. I’ve been to meetings downtown occasionally. What I had never done was explore this city without a work agenda. Recently I got the chance to do just that.

Chicago is a city of “broad shoulders” – it’s very angular, but every now and then it throws you a curve. With its sweeping heights and narrow vistas, it was the perfect opportunity to play with my fisheye and to do some night shooting with my fast 50.

Looking down LaSalle canyon at the Chicago Board of Trade Building – a 1930’s icon.

A fisheye view from under the canopy of the L.

One Way up LaSalle canyon.

The Rookery Building – Chicago’s oldest standing high rise, complete with a Frank Lloyd Wright designed lobby.


Bronze doors on the Northern Trust Building – circa 1905

A southern view of the city from the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower. Sorry, I just cannot call it by any other name than the Sears Tower.

A look down LaSalle

The W on Adams – a wonderful hotel with fresh caramel brownies in the lobby.

The Loop was undergoing renovations so this is the spot they dumped us to catch a shuttle. Still, an interesting vista.

Hamsters in the sky on the side of the Sears Tower.

The 112 Ladder and Truck in North Center

A classic Italian restaurant in the theater district.

A curve on the L

I couldn’t manage a visit to the city without finding something wild. A bird against the skyline for good measure.

30 thoughts on “Chicago Curves

  1. I was born n ripened near Chicago. You made it look great and inviting. If you wanted some wildlife, you should have gone down to Rush Street.. Ha! Thanks for showing me what a visitor sees in this vast, crazy city!

  2. Fabulous shots, Lorri. You make good use of that fisheye lens – you should use it more often.

    And I absolutely love your night shots with the nifty 50. I’ll have to make a trip to the city at night and experiment some more with shooting tall buildings. You’ve inspired me.

    This post is a reminder that I should make more effort to use my 50mm. (don’t know whether it’s laziness on my part or the fact that I depend on my telephoto lens to be an extension of my eyes).

    • You know, I find using the 50 makes me be the tele – I used it quite a bit on this trip, shooting after dark or blurring moving water. I find it’s one of the three lenses I must always have with me. I can get closer, but you can’t work around speed.

  3. I have only “skirted” Chicago in route to MI. Fab photos! (Sears tower forever!) So glad you threw in the bird at the end! It wouldn’t have been right without it! So sorry you had to come back home… ;( but glad you did.

    • I really enjoyed the city, we went to see a Broadway play, rode the L and explored downtown. There must have been a game that day because we saw swarms of Cub fans.

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