Naked Ladies in the Rain

Don’t be silly, I’m not THAT kind of photographer.

Naked ladies are a much-loved variety of Amaryllis that bloom in the first week of August. They have no leaves to cover them – hence, they are naked. Some people call them surprise lilies. My neighbor Mary Jane introduced them to me several years ago when she called me to come over to her place and to bring my camera. The lovely pink and yellow flowers stood towering over the dead leaves in her woods. I go back every year and take photos of them. I prefer to shoot macro and explore the parts of the flower. The stamens are really stunning and the buds are such a great color too.

This year I lucked out. We have been getting an unusual amount of rain so it was the perfect opportunity to indulge in my love of raindrops. I took my new weather sealed macro lens out into the woods and braved the storm.

It’s that color so late in the summer, I think that intrigues me. Without leaves to hide them, the naked ladies are all about color. Those, the blackberry lilies, Β and the crepe myrtles are the last blast of summer color. The ladies will be here for a week or two, and then anticipation for fall color takes root in me. For now, I’ll just enjoy them while they linger.

51 thoughts on “Naked Ladies in the Rain

  1. Those are great naked ladies. I wish the rest of us looked so great standing naked in the rain. Well maybe I don’t. It usually only rains here in the winter, and that would be a bit uncomfortable standing around naked in the rain. I’m just glad I wasn’t born a flower, even if I was THAT beautiful. πŸ™‚

  2. These are wonderful! Thanks for braving the rain! I do agree, the amount of blooms right now is dwindling. I can hardly get a group together to post. Soon we’ll have asters, goldenrod & anemones tho!

  3. Saw the title in my inbox and nearly deleted you as we have a controller on our server that picks up porn searches… should be interesting to see what comes up on the report… Love the photos of the flowers…

  4. Now those kind of neked ladies I will look at all day! Can’t wait till you look at the searchs that landed on your post. There are gonna be lots of unhappy guys. haha! Beautiful pictures of wonderful flowers. I have always loved lilies.

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  6. I love the drops of water. So beautiful. What lens were you using for these lovely images? Because I want to get one now!

    • Thank you! I was using a Olympus 60mm 2.8 macro lens. That would be equivalent to a 120mm on a standard DSLR. What do you shoot? I love macro lenses, they are fast enough to shoot portraits with in a pinch.

  7. Lovely images, Lorri. I like photos of the stamens in particular.
    (and as you would know I am a fan of the small details of flowers close-up).

    And…………..would it really matter if you WERE……….THAT kind of photographer.

      • I’d like to have a go at nude photography, or should I say semi-nude, as I like the idea of…. not what you can see in the human figure, but what you think might be there (if that makes sense).

        I only did one subject of figure drawing as part of a Fashion Designing degree (and of course fashion drawing, drafting, textile design & basic design), but went back to some figure drawing lessons only a few years ago. We had some fantastic models – beautiful and not-so-beautiful – both were interesting in their own way.

        • I ended up with a model I worked with one time – it was awkward. Other than that I thought the most comfortable models were the best – no matter what they looked like.

  8. I like your photos of the Naked Ladies. This is the first year that ours have failed to sprout, so sharing yours is a treat. Thanks!

    • I was worried about ours with our drought last summer. I lost all my wild tiger lilies. But these have been amazing. There are lawns in town that are filled with them. Mary Jane just has 5 patches, but they are stunners.

  9. Okay, you got me with the title. But I’m not disappointed, these flowers are beautiful. Amaryllis flowers are always so pretty no matter what color, and raindrops make everything extra fancy. Great shots!

    • Thanks Madame – sorry for the misdirection. Here in the Ozarks our FB feeds are filled with iPhone shots of these Neked Ladies these days. I think rain drops make most things extra fancy!

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