Chasing the Sunset

I love a colorful sunset. I live about 15 miles west of my place of employment. It’s a winding country drive. On a few special evenings a year I spot some color and chase it down as I drive westward towards home.

Standard Time sure limits my opportunities though. Late last week – on October 31st – I got the chance to capture the last sunset of October. It will likely be the last one I catch on my drive home until spring.

I shot these with my fast 50 portrait lens. I end to close down the aperture a bit shooting sunsets – I am not looking for blur or bokeh. I want color. These were all shot between f4-f6.3. Shutter speeds are slowed down a bit for detail around 1/60 sec – ISO at 200 except for the shot of the Crescent – it was at 800 because I was losing light fast.

36 thoughts on “Chasing the Sunset

  1. Wow! Wonderful colors. I love the way the setting sun hits the top of the trees, and haven’t been able to capture that well here. You captured it brilliantly. 🙂

    • Thanks. I think in the last shot the clouds helped with that. They covered the horizon, but light was spilling out above them – I think that’s what lit the treetops. The color up high was great, but with no horizon it wasn’t an interesting shot.

  2. Funny, I just read this quote today. It seems to fit your photos:

    “How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset! (George MacDonald)

  3. Gorgeous colours in the trees as well as the sky.
    With scenes like that, how can one possibly drive home without stopping for a few photos.

  4. Gorgeous colours. We used to live in a east/west facing flat in SE England and had the most amazing orange / red sunsets at this time of year. I really miss those as I have no west view at all now.

    • Thank you! My home is pretty deep in the woods so I see no sunsets – I have to be out driving to see any distance at all. It’s great for privacy, but not for sunsets 🙂

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