The Suet Thief

This is Squeegee…

I don't see a camera, therefore no camera exists

I don’t see a camera, therefore no camera exists…

She hates to be photographed. She lives in a constant state of denial. If she does not like something she simply turns her back and the issue no longer exists. She has ignored the very existence of Velcro for about seven years. She’s a snob.

You see, my pack is made up of rejects. Velcro was an older dog when I adopted her. Kirby had shyness issues so the breeder wanted to “place” him with someone who understood terriers. Sunshine is a goldendoodle who was abandoned by his owners along with his litter mates at about 6 weeks. It’s a pretty motley crew except for Squeegee.

Squeegee is a princess. My Pop came for a visit several years ago and fell in love with the young terrier pup I had at the time. He wanted one and they were very expensive where he lived in Vegas, but here in the Ozarks Jack Russell Terriers are hunting dogs, ratters, work dogs. A pedigreed dog can be had for less than a couple hundred dollars – a third of the price in Vegas at the time. So I looked up a couple of breeders and we took a road trip to Jay, Oklahoma to look at some pups. The breeder had 2 available and one was just odd-looking – short nose, barrel chest, wide face – the other was perfectly square, a really beautiful terrier. That dog was Squeegee. Pops asked me which one I thought was the best pick and I told him to get the little square girl – she was perfect. He told me to go get the back of the car ready, he was going to haggle with the breeder over a price. Soon he walked out with both pups in hand – I guess he worked a two-fer deal. Squeegee has been the princess at my place ever since.

A side note – spending your vacation housebreaking three puppies is not very relaxing.

Since the housebreaking phase Squeegee has not been much of a problem except for her disdain of Velcro. She’s a happy dog who barks at deer and chases squirrels. She isn’t much of a hunter, but she does make a lot of noise. She’s the most demanding of my pack and vocalizes a lot to get you to pay attention to her. She rarely gets into things like the trash or messes up anything in the house, so it surprised me to find out that she was a thief.

She hangs out on the patio when I fill the bird feeders and now I know why…

I think if I tiptoe no one will notice

Is that suet on the fence post?

If I just stretch a bit I think I can reach it.

It is suet! If I stretch I think I can get it all before anyone notices…

I don't think she's noticed me - there's a big black and silver thing in front of her face.

I don’t think she’s noticed me – there’s a big black and silver thing in front of her face…

If I can just get around this tree trunk and fake lizard on three legs, I think I can get it all.

If I can just get around this tree trunk and fake lizard on three legs, I think I can get it all before I’m caught…

Around the tree, on the ledge, under the limb - got it!

Around the tree, on the ledge, under the limb – got it!

What suet? I don't see any suet. I'm just hanging out here on this fence post minding my own business.

What suet? I don’t see any suet. I’m just hanging out here on this fence post minding my own business.

She may look innocent, but if you are missing suet you know who’s behind it.

30 thoughts on “The Suet Thief

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  3. Ha! I know that look! Is that a little suet on your chin? Too cute. Love the names, especially Velcro. My old dog ignored every dog we had except Banjo, everyone likes him. Very cute shots here!

    • Squeegee likes the boys, just not Velcro. They sleep cuddled back to back so she doesn’t have to look at her. I was really surprised to catch squeegee sneaking into something like this, she may have been pulling the wool over my eyes for some time now.

  4. What a character. Our dog Cooper is in charge of cleaning up all the bird seed that falls when we are filling the feeders. We should have named him Sunflower!

    • Sunflower – that works when you yell it – but not very manly. They do love those sunflower seeds though – don’t they? The suet makes everybody excited though. I caught Kirby climbing one of the woodpecker poles to steal some.

  5. Your dog is simply wonderful! You know her so well. I really loved your article about your princess and smiled when looking at the photos of your innocent lady. But I have to admit I laughed too about some of these comments here. “She never shares a password” – “I think I’ll keep her …* πŸ™‚

    • Thank you – she is quite the character and she never shares anything so I’m certain she wouldn’t share her password. I have no idea what websites she visits while I am away at work.

  6. What a smart little doggie! I am smitten! :o) The photos are *adorable* ! :o) I love your Blog so much, Lorri.
    Love from Rach.

  7. ‘What do you mean – accusing me of such a thing – how dare you’ – HILARIOUS! We had a terrier mix, Eubie Goode, that had a way of getting away with things – ‘what do you mean that bowl of apples on the table wasn’t for me?’

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