If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you must be at the Peabody


I flew into Orlando with some co-workers on Friday. I was in town to set up a booth for a tradeshow. I was glad to see that we were staying at the Peabody Hotel right across the boulevard from the convention center – so much walking at these events. The Peabody has an ancient tradition – each morning at 11:00 a red carpet is rolled out from a private elevator. A man dressed in enough red and gold rope to be confused with a guard at Buckingham Palace steps out and marches a small flock of ducks from the elevator through the lobby to a marble fountain. The one time I got to see the pageantry and spectacle I was unfortunately without my camera, so my description will have to suffice. Anyway, the ducks stay in the lobby feeding and swimming in a fountain until 5:00 in the evening when they once again march with the “Duck Master” down the red carpet back to the elevator that takes them somewhere so exclusive that guests are left to imagine it’s splendor.

I know it sounds quaint and even silly, but these ducks are not to be missed. Even if you stay at someplace without exclusive access to ducks, you owe it to yourself to stop by the Peabody if you are in Orlando, Memphis, or Little Rock – because these are not ordinary ducks – these are Peabody Ducks!



I know’ you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal – looks like a duck…” Well nothing could be further from the truth. These ducks do more than waddle about and poop in a fountain – these ducks can’t wait for you to take their photo. They are on display and they love it – and the camera loves them.

As you approach the fountain this girl tosses you a pose, then another, and another…


Shot after shot she would reposition herself reaching for the light. It’s almost like she was schooled by Tyra Banks – hoping for a spot on America’s Next Top Model.



Of course, unlike ANTM, there are no cat fights, no binge drinking, no tears. Just a hard working duck giving the camera her all.



Is she “smizing”?




Elongate that neck – watch your angles!



Of course there are other ducks in the fountain. It’s not all about little Tyra. This drake was really busy preening – maybe getting ready for his close-up?



Back to the star…. Find the light girl. Give us more light in your eyes. Hold it….



That’s it, stare down the camera. Nice! Now give us something different, switch it up!



Amazing! Bellisima!! Give me more!




She’s a star – and she knows it!!


Random Stream of Consciousness – with pictures.

Random musings in no particular order…
Have you noticed how many people post photos of their bare feet on Facebook? Odd. Feet are typically not your most attractive feature and if you post it as your profile photo every time you comment, post, or even play Words with Friends your friends are confronted with your funny looking feet. This is as close to bare feet that you will see from me online. My boss thinks they look like “bear feet”. I took this photo because I thought it was silly to wear leather five fingers while standing on a fake fur rug.


This is one of my Jack Russell Terriers – Squeegee. She rarely lets me take her photo. I was trying out a new zoom one day and got this shot of her. I cropped in on her eye and saw my reflection as well as my whole front yard I her eyes. Spooky.



I often walk around looking for something to take photos of. Sometimes I find weeds. I think dandelions are fascinating. The daisies are coming up through cracks in the sidewalk. I love their symmetry. I think the leftover stem of the dandelion looks like a primitive golf ball.


I have been putting together a kit for shooting macro for a couple of years now. I know that you probably expect to see bugs eyes or flower centers when you think “macro” – I like to use my gear for getting close to just about anything. The second shot is my Mom’s class ring. I shot this with an antique bellows – when you shoot tight with shiny things in the background you get those cool circles – in all honesty, I was more interested in making those circles that the objects I was shooting.



Feathers are amazing. Luminous, textured, shaping. We all know what a chicken looks like with no feathers. Birds are not so majestic naked. Sometimes I think people would look better with feathers. Kind of smooths things out.





Characters – Eureka Springs is full of them. We have lots of parades and festivals – these are events that characters just cannot resist. The woman in the clown make-up is a staple of this scene. I could probably pass her on the street without her makeup and never know her even though I have taken dozens of shots of her. The last shot is my pal Judy, we like to take shots of each other taking shots of each other.



This is Velcro, she’s a 14 year old Rat Terrier mix. I rescued her about 8 years ago. She likes to dig – a lot. When I first brought her home I twisted my ankle in one of her many holes while walking across the lawn, so had some top soil trucked in to level things out. It took less than a month before she destroyed the lawn again. I have re-leveled the lawn at least a dozen times. I am at the point that I have decided to let her dig to her hearts content until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Then I’ll fix the lawn. The upside? No grubs, no moles, no wasps.

Baby animals


I read once that all mammals experience a serotonin release when they look at other baby mammals. I think that’s true and I think it answers the question as to why we would willingly bring home an animal that will poop in our house and eat our favorite shoes. Baby animals are like crack. They make us feel good. I’m hoping that this good feeling makes for a good place to sign off. Look closely into the kittens eyes. You’ll feel great.