The Compromise

Polarized, divided, uncooperative.

In this second week of November it seems we are no closer to seeing eye to eye than we were a week ago.


One side is down in the dumps and thinks they should just pack up their halter and move to another pasture. One where hard work is rewarded with carrots that are earned by the work of your own hooves.


The other side is all up on their high horse about their recent victory and believes that they are entitled to have alfalfa delivered to their stables whether they ever pulled a cart or not.


The truth is all this “self-made” self righteousness and hard work is exhausting.


I like winning, but the truth is that if you left the pasture there would be no one to disagree with.


I love this pasture, and I wouldn’t mind some help every now and then, maybe I have earned it. I wouldn’t want to loose the stable over my head just because of a bad case of colic.


I love this pasture too. It’s not like I don’t want to work, I do. I don’t mind pulling my weight.


If we all just pull together we can make this pasture a better place for everyone!