My Little Chickadee – an Upgrade to My Backyard Buffet

After seeing a Facebook Post by the Norberta Philbook Gallery I decided it was time for an upgrade at the buffet. The Gallery is owned by a friend and neighbor. She had been looking for pottery for the Gallery when she came across the work of Julie Windler. She makes these adorable hand thrown bird feeders. They have real elm limbs for perches.

I bought one and hung it pretty close to my shooting spot last Saturday. I filled it with some clean feed and black oil sunflower seeds. I barely finished before it started to rain. Once the rain stop I settled into my spot to see who might check out this new addition.

One brave little chickadee checked it out right away.

He hopped from perch to perch until he found a spot that was perfect.

He decided to give it a try – time for a snack.

He stopped to give me an adorable pose…

and flew back to the walnut tree.

I think Chicky is an art connoiseur.