Clash of the Siskins

There have been some brawls at the buffet lately. I don’t ordinarily tolerate fighting in my establishment – but if pine siskins are doing the fighting, it’s about as dangerous as kittens boxing. I decided to let it play out – birds should be able to work out their differences in a civilized manner, but tempers can get the best of just about any bird when fillet is on the line…

Make way for the boss of the sock!

Make way for the boss of the sock!

I'm coming for your perch!

I’m coming for your perch!


Flying in under the radar…


Don’t even think about taking my perch!


I’ll never give up this perch!


I’m taking that perch!

ducxz huHG:

The air war is ongoing at the buffet…


Fast food…

My best impression of a cartoon bird flying...

My best impression of a cartoon bird flying…

Look out below!!

Look out below!!

This perch is mine!!

This perch is mine!!

No seeds for you, you filthy animal!

Back off – no seeds for you!

I'm coming for you...and you sunflower seeds!

I’m coming for you…and you sunflower seeds!

Hopefully a quick trip to the store for more fillet will reestablish the peace at the Stone House – maybe not…